Green Infrastructure


A Deep Understanding of Green Infrastructure

Eustace’s green infrastructure design services focus on stormwater management and landscape interventions that utilize natural processes to slow, filter, and reduce stormwater runoff while providing related environmental benefits. We choose the appropriate systems based on soils, site constraints, existing/proposed vegetation, and the efficacy of the various technologies to improve infiltration and stormwater runoff quality. Our experience includes projects implementing bioretention basins/rain gardens, pervious pavements, underground stormwater infiltration areas, vegetated swales, street-side rain gardens and stormwater tree trenches, green roofs, meadows, and site re-vegetation.

With ecological, landscape architectural and engineering expertise, Eustace is uniquely positioned to provide functional and beautiful projects that truly are “green,” not just in name only. This is accomplished by our deep understanding of green infrastructure systems including the appropriate plants and soils needed, pollutant load reduction, water resources planning, and cutting-edge technologies. Our talented designers seamlessly integrate green infrastructure into our projects, designing the site features from the beginning with ecological improvement in mind. We see green infrastructure as a wonderful opportunity to improve projects aesthetically while providing an improved environment for people and nature.


Green Infrastructure Services Include

  • Green Infrastructure / Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design
  • Watershed Planning
  • Green Streets Design
  • Low Impact Development Design
  • Water Conservation, Harvesting, and Re-Use Design
  • Green Roof and Roof Garden Design
  • Landscape and Riparian Restoration
  • Best Management Practices Integration
  • Environmental Permitting Preparation