Our Senior Staff


Our Senior Staff

Our senior staff, with over 125 years of combined experience, is engaged in every project ensuring that a level of expertise is always present. We are committed to fulfilling each client’s unique needs and expectations with a flexible, attentive and creative approach, with the goal of providing customer satisfaction and cost-effective solutions. We firmly believe that a satisfied customer is the secret to our success. Regardless of the client or project size, we pledge total commitment to every project and to providing innovative solutions to complex problems. No matter what a project requires, Eustace has a solution.

Martin J. Eustace III, PE

President / Director of Engineering

As President of Eustace, Marty serves as Principal in Charge of the coordination for all projects. Responsibilities include coordination of the various project consultants, reviewing all aspects and phases of the design documents, and performing public presentations before local reviewing bodies. He has over 28 years of experience in Civil Engineering Management and Design, Conceptual Engineering, Construction Inspection, Construction Supervision, Construction Surveying, Construction Cost Estimating, and Construction Scheduling.

Marty is a graduate of Widener University, with post graduate work conducted at Drexel University, and is licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Maryland. He is a member of The Carpenters’ Company, AIA Golf Committee, Appalachian Mountain Club, Development Workshop, Inc., and serves as Vice President of the Grove Summit Board of Directors.

Jack Betanski, PLS

Director of Surveying

Jack has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of Land Surveying and Construction Survey including, but not limited to, Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional properties. Jack has extensive knowledge of and experience with specifications and regulations within the City of Philadelphia.  Responsibilities have been: regulating property lines within the city of Philadelphia to resolve property disputes; aiding clients and city officials through the subdivision process; working with PSD on the review and approval of the roadway reconstruction and grading plans to ensure that they meet ADA and city specifications; and design and approval of Subdivisions including the development of New Urban Street Designs within Philadelphia.

Stephen Quigley, RLA

Director of Landscape Architecture

With forty years experience in design and construction as a Landscape Architect, Steve provides design and project management as part of the team at Eustace Engineering.  He uses his strengths in design to develop relationships with a wide variety of clients and stakeholders that will use the facilities being designed.  His ultimate goal is to create projects that serve our clients’ needs and lift the spirits of those that pass through a vibrant addition to the community while striving to be sustainable and cost-conscious.

Areas of expertise include site planning and landscape design as well as the ability to work with architects and a myriad of consultants to develop integrated plans that work through the building wall.  This is accomplished through considerable site analysis and the coordination with the consultants, agreement on design intent, selection of construction materials and appropriate planting design.  Steve has extensive knowledge of native and ornamental plantings, using them in ecological designs for the site, storm water management and riparian development.  These experiences are used to develop the plans, construction documents and construction administration that bring a client’s vision to life.  Steve has the knowledge of codes and permitting to secure approvals for these projects in a timely manner.

Steve comes to Eustace Engineering with a wide variety of experiences.  For more than 10-years he managed design and project production for a Landscape Architectural/Engineering firm in the Harrisburg area where projects ranged from hospitals and corporate sites to parks and city master plans.  He was fortunate to design and construct a 500-acre Nature Center and then become its Executive Director for a term of 5-years.

Early work included design-build projects for commercial and large residential clients.  Among many projects, he managed the design, engineering and construction of a 40-acre container nursery that was fully irrigated and recovered all unused water back to two 3-acre ponds.  A second project was an 80-acre office park that included a mile of road, 125,000 SF of office/flex space, a hotel and several restaurants.

Steve has also taught landscape design and construction level surveying while at UMass and as an adjunct instructor at Del Val.  Outside of the office, he is involved in Boy Scouts as a mentor for Eagle Scout projects and as a member of his church’s property committee.

Matthew Witters

Senior Project Engineer

Matt began his career with Eustace Engineering in 2003 and returned in 2011. In addition to serving as the manager of the Camp Hill operations, he also manages projects in both the Central PA, Philadelphia and surrounding regions ranging from small subdivisions to park upgrades and large residential, industrial and commercial developments.

For over 15 years, Matt has provided comprehensive design and permitting services to a wide range of private, public and non-profit clients. He has extensive experience with local, state, and federal water resource regulations and construction activity permits in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Matt studied Landscape Architecture at Temple University where he graduated in 2003.

Michael Stauch

Survey Coordinator/ IT Administrator

Michael started his career with Eustace Engineering in 2009 with land surveying experience obtained while working with his father during his teen years and an education in specialized technology related to internet programming and design. Utilizing his educational background, he was able to effortlessly shift into a surveyor/draftsman position, allowing the firm to expedite projects and expand its client base.

Michael’s familiarity with the Bentley CAD suite grew, allowing the surveying office to acquire new clients in the construction industry and venture into the Marcellus Shale gas region. During his time with Eustace, he has expanded his knowledge and skill set allowing him to assume the role of IT/Network administrator. Michael was instrumental in the acquisition and deployment of network security hardware that has allowed for increased productivity and the expansion of the company to satellite offices.

He has implemented protocols to block malicious internet traffic and potential network intrusions. He also configured an in-house off-site file backup system further increasing file security through remote redundancy. Michael also fills the role of lead marketing designer. With his design skills and knowledge of graphics software, he has created both company event sponsorship ads and award-winning plans and plats. Michael’s knowledge of internet programming and design principles allowed him to fully redesign and hand-code the Eustace Engineering company website. During future revisions of the company website, Michael has played an advisory role and has continued to contribute on design and implementation decisions.

Michael studied Fine Arts at Bloomsburg University and transferred to The Art Institute of Philadelphia where he graduated with honors from their Multimedia and Web design program. Prior to his position at Eustace Engineering, he had the opportunity to participate in the creation of a newly founded heavy industrial wind turbine manufacturing facility and obtained the position of department supervisor, overseeing a manufacturing workforce of over twenty individuals and handling over a million dollars worth of product daily.

Edward Gleason, PE

Senior Project Engineer

As a project manager, Ed manages engineering projects out of the Willow Grove office, working with the engineering staff on project conception, design and approvals. He has over 10 years of experience with particular emphasis on development in the City of Philadelphia.

His extensive experience in the designing and permitting of development projects allows him to efficiently and effectively manage projects to suit clients’ needs, all while guiding the junior staff in their career development. Ed is a graduate of Lehigh University (BSCE 2007).